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Questions people are asking about the unreleased iPhone 6

Though the Apple iPhone 5S and 5C have certainly made a major splash on the marketplace these past couple of weeks (right alongside iOS 7 which has made a splash of its own – but one not nearly as attractive or exciting), people are already wondering about what the next Apple iPhone is going to bring to the table1.

Jailbreaking iphone 6
Almost every single new iPhone release has introduced new materials, new designs, and new technological advances – but ever since Steve Jobs passed away of the major leaps forward has certainly slow down. It seems as though Apple is just trying to pad their somewhat hefty lead over the rest of the tech companies that have entered into the smart phone marketplace, and there certainly losing ground to upstarts like Samsung and HTC because of it.
This has led to many in the tech world (as well as those outside) wondering whether or not the new team of Apple leadership is going to try to push the iPhone 6 as far forward as humanly possible. The iPhone 5S and 5C weren’t exactly overwhelmingly exciting new designs – all they really did was add a couple of new colors to the cases – so it’s going to be interesting to see what the next step is.

How big is the new iPhone 6 going to be?

This really is the million-dollar question, and one that most people have on their mind. Looking at the top flight Android devices available on the market right now (the HTC One, the Sony Xperia Z, and the Samsung Galaxy S4) you’ll notice that almost all top-flight cell phones now have a 5 inch screen – at the very smallest. The iPhone continues to have one of the smaller displays available in the top flight and really high-end smartphone industry, a problem that needs to be addressed.
It’s a little bit odd that the iPhone continues to ring in that one of the smallest phones in the marketplace, considering that the people behind the iPhone are the same people behind the iPad which established the 10 inch tablet is the industry standard2
. We’ll see if Apple decides to “supersize” their next cell phone.

When are “next generation” technologies going to be made available?

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Get the one big gripe that people have always had about the iPhone in particular is that it never is really on the “bleeding edge” of the technology industry. Always a couple of steps behind what other major manufacturers are rolling out with their devices – and therefore always just a bit underpowered – Apple has been struggling over there and losing ground) to companies like HTC and Samsung that aren’t afraid to pioneer new developments.
People are wondering when the iPhone will have near field connectivity, whether or not they’re going to get the latest iteration of Bluetooth technology, if gaze detection technology will be included, and what the new iPhone operating system might bring to the table.

When is the iPhone 6 going to be released?

Of all the questions that people are wondering about, at this might be the most pressing and important. Millions and millions of people continue to buy the iPhone just as soon as it gets released3
, almost always causing sellouts for the first few weeks that an iPhone hits the market.
If history is anything to go off of, we’re probably looking at a released statement is about 6 months or so away. Apple has established a track record of releasing a next generation iPhone model shortly after releasing a “mid step” model (or in the case of the five best and 5C, two of them). We’ll keep you updated as we move along.

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